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Vet Access is an invite-only market research insights community of professionals working in the VEterinary industry. 

Members get access to a multitude of research opportunities including online surveys and discussions, in-person focus groups, phone interviews, and various other methods. Vet Access believes that every perspective counts and every voice can make a difference. Your opinions and experiences are invaluable to shaping products, services, and policies that affect you and your community.


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We get expert opinions from:


Veterinarians - Large, Exotic, Companion


Vet Techs/Nurses


Practice Managers


Customer Service Reps


Medical Directors


Livestock and Companion Animal Nutritionists




Zoologist and Zoo Professionals


Mobile Veterinarians


Veterinary Practice Owners

If you're an animal health professional not listed above but believe your insights are important, we encourage you to apply. 

Vet Access values diverse perspectives and always seeks to expand our community with professionals dedicated to advancing animal health.

Our Commitment to You

Your comfort and privacy are of utmost importance to us. As you share your experiences and insights, be confident knowing Vet Access adheres to stringent ethical standards and privacy regulations. Your information will be kept strictly confidential, used solely for research purposes, and never sold or shared without your consent.